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Eleaf continually provides you with products of first-class quality, advanced technology and best performance, bringing you wonderful vaping experience.

We are a unique retailer that is recognized for choice, value and convenience. We sell our products from local retail stores, online and over the phone. We carefully select our vendors to offer you the best products and services. Our customer service team is always there for you if you have any questions or special needs.

iStick Pico RDTA »

An All-In-One RDTA System in a Compact Punk Style Package
Side Fill Tank with 4.2ml Capacity and Intuitive Internal Light 8-Hole Extensive and Adjustable Airflow

All-new Special Colors for Your Choice
Compact yet Powerful with 75W Output
Comfortable to Hold and Carry
Upgradeable Firmware


 All-new Colors and Finishes
Φ24.5mm, 3000mAh
Raising the Bar for Airflow
Easy-to-Use with Top Filling Solution


Eleaf - the e-cigarette manufacturer.

Behind the e-cigarette brand Eleaf stands iSmoka Electronics Co. Ltd., a former Joyetech subsidiary, which was founded in Shenzhen City in the People's Republic of China in 2008 and has since been active worldwide in the e-cigarette market. Eleaf is well-known in the steamer community for high-quality e-cigarettes and rechargeable batteries - the Eleaf iSticks - and is very popular because of its moderate price level. Eleaf is considered the best e-cigarette manufacturer with the best value for money , The money saved at the battery carrier can be sensibly invested in further vaporizers and fresh liquid. Customer support is also a priority at Eleaf. Customers and distributors can be seen as an important partner at Eleaf, with whom we are striving for a long-term commitment.

Eleaf - the Vapor

Eleaf is also the manufacturer with the greatest focus on customer needs and strives for the shortest response times in the development of new products such as accumulators and vaporizers. Innovative Eleaf models such as the iStick are designed to meet customers' needs and to meet their high expectations even more. The short development cycles at Eleaf over the years have created a large product portfolio of e-cigarettes and battery carriers, especially the Eleaf iStick. Even today in 2017 the range of different models is considerable. Eleaf - the iStick series of rechargeable batteries The iStick is from the House Eleaf, saw as iStick Mini for the first time the light of the world in September 2014 and found spontaneous appeal in the then much smaller steamship community.

Eleaf developed this innovative e-cigarette concept and brought out the iStick 20 W, the iStick 30 W and the iStick 50 W in short. As more and more e-cigarettes came onto the market with the new temperature control, Eleaf also developed the new iStick TC 40 W, the iStick TC 60 W and the and iStick TC 100 W in a series of new steamer products with temperature control. Eleaf and other manufacturers of e-cigarettes Startersets If you have not found your own personal e-cigarette in the Eleaf range, or if you do not like battery chargers such as the iStick, visit our e-cigarettes overview with a huge selection of current 2016 and 2017 models, most of which are available and By our fast shipping often the next day with you. Because an e-cigarette without liquid is like an arrow without a bow, you should not forget the E-Liquids when ordering. wishes you a lot of pleasure with your Eleaf E-cigarette and always good Vaping!



Dear all,

Eleaf is so glad to introduce you two new e cigarette kits: the iKunn i80 and the iKuun i200, both matching with the MELO 4 tank.

The iKuun i80 and iKuun i200 both feature an innovative temperature protection system of charging that highly secures the safety of charging process. Temperature range for charging is -5℃-50℃ or 23℉-122℉. 2A quick charge capability along with an easily accessible charging port allows charging much faster and more convenient. The iKuun i80 has a 0.91-inch screen and is capable of outputting 80 watts of power while the iKuun i200 features a bigger 0.96-inch screen with all new interfaces and fires up to 200 watts.

The MELO 4 atomizer features a new EC2 series coil which is the upgraded version of the popular EC coil. To fill the tank, you simply need to slide the drip tip back to reveal the fill port and fill e-liquid in. Not only does the MELO 4 come in various colors for your choice, it also provides you with two optional versions, one with 25mm diameter and 4.5ml e-liquid capacity and the other with 22mm diameter and 2ml capacity.

Find more information about iKuun i80 with MELO 4:
More information about iKuun i200 with MELO 4, please click:

Eleaf Marketing Team
July 20th, 2017


Eleaf iKonn 220 with ELLO Launching

Dear all,

Eleaf is so glad to introduce you a new skillfully engineered dual 18650 mod, the iKonn 220 with ELLO.

Powered by two 18650 batteries, the iKonn 220 is capable of outputting a maximum power of 220W. It features a big 0.91-inch screen that offers a concise and clear interface with two separate battery bars. A battery balancing trickle charge system is adopted to bring two batteries to the equal level charge. And with 2A maximum charging current, the batteries can be fully charged much more quickly. To pair with the powerful iKonn 220, the ELLO comes with two new powerful HW3 and HW4 coils to provide huge vapor clouds. To fill the tank, simply slide the drip tip back to reveal the fill port and fill e-liquid in.

For more information about iKonn 220 with ELLO, please click:

Eleaf Marketing Team
June 1st, 2017